Main facts

SEVIL, French acronym for Electricity Storage by Levitated Flywheels, is a French cutting-edge technology startup company founded December 2nd 2004.
It's the achievement of a project aiming at developing high performance flywheels using a disruptive technology of levitation.

SEVIL offers innovating and efficient electricity storage solutions pertaining to energy and environment – 2 strategical fields.

Supported by Agoranov, project incubator, SEVIL is located in downtown Paris.

In February 2006, the French specialized press has ranked SEVIL amongst the 13th most promising companies in the field of energy and environment.


SEVIL is a 40 000 euro capital SARL – French equivalent of a LLC – and a subsidiary company of LEVISYS, SARL owning the levitation technology.
The capital is divided between 8 associates, including the founders.

Purpose of the company

To conceive, make and distribute levitated flywheels storing electricity.

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Electricity storage by levitated flywheels