February 2001
Dr SAINT-MLEUX and FESSLER begin on private resources their early works. This will lead – a few years later – to a very innovating solution of passive magnetic levitation at common temperature – a technology now patented.

December 2002
The implementation to sustain a flywheel for the storage of electricity is successfully tested : the SEVIL project (French acronym for Electricity storage by levitated flywheels) is born !

December 2003
A new demonstrator shows promising results, enabling industrial prospects.

June 2004
SEVIL is granted a 45 000 euro award at the French ministry of Research national Prize for innovating technology companies (« emergence » section).
SEVIL puts in an order to EADS – European leader for composit materials – for a study confirming the capabilities to achieve the targeted rotor performances.
An international marketstudy is ordered to NODAL Consultants : it identifies a promising development potential.

November 2004
The SEVIL project is housed by Agoranov, project incubator.
Consequently, SEVIL has an office in downtown Paris, a 30 000 euro subsidy and financial and law-oriented trainings.

December 2004
The SEVIL project is turned to a company : the SEVIL SARL (French equivalent of a LLC) is born ! Purposes of the firm : to conceive, make and distribute levitated flywheels to store electricity.

June 2005
The French ministry of Research grants a 450 000 euro award at the national Prize for innovating technology companies, this time in the « company creation » section.

November 2005
Supported by Agoranov, SEVIL moves to a new place in the 5th district of Paris, with offices and a technical room for experiments.

February 2006
An international extension of the French patent on the levitation is filed.

May 2006
A 50 W.h flywheel prototype is conceived in relation with our suppliers and our future clients.

June 2006
A very high speed (100 000 rpm) motor/generator prototype, due to equip the flywheels to come, is made.

July 2006
SEVIL signs a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA), to study the application of SEVIL's storing technology to satellites.

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Electricity storage by levitated flywheels