Selfdisharge measurements
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SEVIL's flywheel
Our competitors' flywheels are equipped with either conventional bearings or active magnetic bearings, but these technologies present well known shortcomings : heavy friction and losses by heat for the former, too great energy requirements for the latter. Losses can reach 50 % of the energy stored, restricting the outlets.

On the contrary, SEVIL's flywheels are sustained by passive magnetic levitation at common temperature
a disruptive technology.

This new form of levitation
simple and efficient requires but a few milliwatts to operate : the scientific demonstrator has reached figures as low as 10 mW per kg levitated.

Along with a vacuum enclosure, the levitation makes the flywheel frictionless : the efficiency is optimum.

For the first time, the selfdischarge of a flywheel becomes negligible.

Besides, the unit includes a specific, high performance motor/generator. Fully compatible with the levitation system, its design optimizes the efficiency.

» SEVIL's flywheel does store up electricity, but in an efficient, long-lasting way.

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Electricity storage by levitated flywheels