The scientific demonstrator

The levitation technology being discovered, a batch of scientific demonstrators, meant to confirm the research works, have been conceived since 2004.

Amongst them, demonstrator n° 3 has validated :
the adaptation of our levitation technology to the sustainment of flywheels
storing electricity,
the concept of our motor/generator, designed for a full compatibility with the
levitation system,
a high integration of the systems composing the unit.

Tests have revealed a particularly low selfdischarge, although the rotor was in a low vacuum.

The power necessary to levitate the flywheel has proven exceptionally low around 10 mW per kg levitated.

This promising results made it possible to consider the making of full flywheel prototypes.

Bearing stiffness measurement

In June 2006, SEVIL has designed and assembled a device to measure, axially and radially, the bearing stiffness on our prototypes.

The motor/generator prototype

This prototype has been conceived by SEVIL in June 2006, to :
achieve a very high angular velocity (100 000 RPM),
efficiently return electricity when acting as a generator,
guarantee a full compatibility with the levitation.

The prototype is currently tested. Results are very satisfying ; they will help set up the characteristics of motors to come.

The 50 W.h flywheel prototype

In partnership with suppliers and potential clients, SEVIL has designed in May 2006 a 50 W.h flywheel prototype attaining the designated energy through a medium size, medium weight, very high RPM rotor now spinning under an advanced vacuum.
The prototype is currently assembled and tests are to begin.

Selfdisharge measurements
on demontrator n° 3

Scientific demonstrator n° 3

Bearing stiffness measurement

Motor/generator prototype

50 W.h prototype

Composite part of the rotor

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